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2014 Convention - Charleston, SC
The final version of the Convention Agenda has been released. See the ”2014 Convention” link for more information and a Registration Form.

The Military Order of the Stars and Bars is unique among Confederate heritage groups in that it is the only such organization actually founded by Confederate officers. On August 30, 1938, fifteen Confederate officers, twenty-six sons and twenty-one grandsons of Confederate officers came together in Columbia, South Carolina, to launch the MOS&B. Included in this group were the sons and grandsons of six general officers, including General-in-Chief Robert E. Lee. Subsequently the sons and grandsons of an additional thirteen general officers also joined the Order. For the first dozen years membership was restricted to lineal descendants of a qualifying Confederate. In 1951 membership was extended to those with some degree of nephew. Ten years later the Order invited those with collateral relationships to Confederate officers or officials to join us.

On this website all those established as qualifying Confederates are listed. There is also a link to our Collaterals Project, which includes those with established ties to the Confederate notables: Generals Robert E. Lee, “Stonewall” Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest & JEB Stuart, and President Jefferson Davis. For these notables it is not necessary for applicants to prove their ancestry to an in-common ancestor. It is only necessary for an applicant to prove a tie to someone accepted as related who appears in the online database. A number of “gateway” ancestors of these notables have been traced to William the Conqueror and to Charlemagne. Accordingly, anyone with a documented ancestry to either of these early members of royalty that has been accepted by another reputable heritage group is eligible for membership in the Order.

We are in the midst of the Sesquicentennial of the War Between the States. A part of the mission of the MOS&B is to honor the sacrifices of our Southern heroes during that period of America’s history. Another part of our mission is to ensure that the Order continues to endure and thrive in the years to come. To date nearly 7700 have joined our ranks. We encourage all that are eligible to join us. As our numbers grow we will be able to do more to honor our Southern homeland.

Toni Turk
Commander General
Military Order of the Stars and Bars

General Executive Committee meeting, Spring 2014

General Executive Committee meeting at Stone Mountain, Georgia. Spring 2014

North Carolina MOS&B Memorial Cannon Crew firing a salute – April 15, 2012, Salisbury, North Carolina.

The First National flag flies daily over the castle of MOS&B member in Scotland. Balgonie Castle, by Markinch, Fife, Scotland.