The Military Order of The Stars and Bars is not just a group of men descended from those who were somehow connected to some long-forgotten war mentioned in dusty history books.

  • The MOS&B is, first of all, an Order – defined as “a religious fraternity” and “Rank; class; division of men; as the order of nobles; orders of knights; military orders, etc.” The Orders of our Western European ancestors – many of which are still active to this day – are the pattern by which we were organized, along with the organizational structure of the Confederate military forces.
  • The MOS&B exists as a group of men whose ancestors were leaders in one of history’s last and greatest examples of honor and gallantry, of men who did the right thing regardless of the cost or likelihood of success.
  • The MOS&B exists to preserve the memory of those men and their deeds. It exists to inspire men to understand and develop their own leadership abilities and use that leadership in the service of their people.

One way that we can help reach our goals is to make available the words that men have used to inspire others to do more than they ever thought they were capable of. That is leadership. That is what this “Inspiration” section is about – publishing some of the great speeches and writing of Southern leaders.

The Military Order of The Stars and Bars maintains a Speakers Bureau with men who can provide that kind of inspiration to your group. Please use the Contact form (About Us > Contact Us) for more information about this service.

  • Lee 2011 – Remarks given by the Honorable Richard Bender Abell on 22 January 2011, at the United States Capitol Crypt on the birthday of Robert Edward Lee.
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