MOSB Forms & Reports

  • These forms are in PDF format.
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General Forms

Annual Report – Chapter
Annual Report – Society
Annual Report – Army
Associate Membership Application
Change of Command
Chapter Charter Application Form
Chapter Reactivation Form
Confederate Legacy Legion of Merit Application Form
Last Commission
Membership Transfer
Real Great..Grandson Award Application Form
War Service Medal Application Form
War Service Eligibility Sheet
Large Certificate Order Form

Award Nomination Forms

Distinguished Commander Service Award
MGEN Patrick Cleburne Meritorious Service Award
LT Charles S. Read Award for Meritorious Service – Chapter Level
COL John Pelham Legion of Merit Award for Distinguished Service – General Society Level
Judah P Benjamin Merit Award – Highest Award for Non-Member
Varina Howell Davis Award – Ladies Supportive to the MOS&B
Winnie Davis Award – Ladies Supportive to the MOS&B
Joseph Evans Davis Award – CoC or MOS&B 12-18 YOA
Law and Order Award
COL Walter Taylor Award – Best Society Newsletter
CPT John Morton Award – Best Chapter Newsletter
COL Walter Hopkins Distinguished Chapter Award
Henry Timrod Southern Culture Award
T. J. Fakes Award for Best Chapter Scrapbook
J. E. B. Stuart Award for Best Society Scrapbook

NOTE: The LGen Simon Buckner Award form has been removed as it is no longer needed. This award is automatically generated based on Chapters’ Annual Reports.


The following form is in spreadsheet format. This for administrative use only.
Reimbursement Voucher (administrative use only)