Captain James P. Douglas Camp #124, Sons of Confederate Veterans




Welcome to our website, and thanks for visiting! Interested in the "Military Order of the Stars and Bars"? Please check out our Join Us page, or use the Contact page to send us a question or comment. We are descendants of the Confederate Officer Corp and encourage you to trace your family tree and become a member of our group. Any current Compatriots in the Society who would like to share news or event information for posting here, please send me an e-mail.

The Chapter was reactivated on May 19th 2017 when 7 members transferred into it from the HQ Chapter. On the same day, we had contact from 2 prospective new members and 2 more HQ Chapter members thinking of transferring into our Chapter.

Our Chapter is a bit of an experiment to heavily incorporate electronic communication methods, predominately FaceBook, as a means of "meeting". By not requiring members to drive from one end of the Commonwealth to the other to meet face to face for a few hours we can channel that time, effort and expense into other areas to make an impact.

If share our desire to honor our ancestors and our Southern heritage and live in Kentucky please consider joining with us!

If you have ancestry linking you to a member of the Confederate Officer Corps or the government officials of the Confederacy you can join as a Full Member of the MOS&B.

If you do not have such ancestry, you can still join our Chapter as an Associate Member and help us!

If you need genealogical assistance with your application, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

It is by protecting and understanding the past that we can successfully build upon the layers our ancestors set down for us.

We MUST examine history using understanding of that time and their world view and NOT today's eyes or our current world view. Remember, 100 years from now your descendants will be looking back at your life, how will they see the decisions you make? How many things do we do today that may seem ignorant, stupid, dumb or simple misunderstood by those eyes?

Kentucky Society Chapter

Col. Albert P Thompson Chapter #250
Paducah, KY
Camp Commander
Edward G. Georgen

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