The Military Order of The Stars and Bars uses email as a way to keep the membership informed and, at the same time, keep the costs down. Each issue of Officer’s Call is announced using email, and other news and announcements are also sent using email. Our members sign up, unsubscribe, and change their information directly.

If you are a current member and not already on the MOS&B email list, please use this form to subscribe. We have included additional fields (address, phone, etc.) to move toward a user-maintained system for keeping up to date with member contact information. The required fields are marked with an “*”.


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If you are already on the email list, but need to change your email address or other contact information, please enter your name and the email address that we currently have, then click the “Subscribe” button. The system will see that you are already there and you will see a link that allows you to edit your record.


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